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Servicing Work & Hands-on Motorcycle Servicing Courses

Welcome to the Service School.

The intention is to give you a day or more  of servicing tuition – teaching new skills, and building on the experience you already have, to give you the confidence to tackle new jobs in the future. At the end of the day you’ll ride away after an enjoyable and useful day, on your newly serviced bike.

I'll guide you through servicing your bike so that you leave with a day of hands-on experience. I’ll demonstrate each procedure and offer advice as necessary, but the key point is that you service your own bike.

There are three courses covering;

  • Basic service – workshops skills, MOT checklist, brakes, oil, oil filter, final drive, spark plugs on BMW twins.

  • Advanced service – valve clearances & timing, oil & filter, air filter, & spark plugs for all across-the-frame engines.

  • Suspension – shock linkage, fork oil & head bearings.

Please get in touch to discuss other work. Recent work has included cylinder head and whole engine swaps, & gearbox replacement.

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If you would rather not work on your own bike, I am happy for you to leave it with me, and I will service it for you. An increasing number of customers are booking multi-day jobs, staying for a day or two of tuition, and then colleccting their bikes a week later once the work is complete

In the workshop, the conversation will inevitably run off in many different directions and we will discuss all manner of servicing work. The most important thing is for you to enjoy and benefit from the day. All courses are now 1:1 so it is easy to include extra topics raised during the day.

The basic and suspension course will each run over one day, ride in & ride out, and cost £154 plus parts charged at cost.

The advanced service takes 2 days, costing £308 plus parts. At the end of the first day I will drive you to your B&B on Anglesey and collect you the following morning to finish the job.

We are now taking bookings for all three courses at our workshop on Anglesey – please get in touch to discuss dates that suit you or to discuss a custom course tailored to your needs.

Thanks for reading, Mark

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