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"I wanted to Express my gratitude personally, first of all for your quick reply to my query, quick delivery  and more importantly for a great manual that will serve me well."

"This is the second of Marks books that I've bought, and as before the content is spot on for the home mechanic."

"Bought your touring book for a friend who's planning a trip and he's already read it cover to cover. Lots of good information in there for the newbie tourer."

"Hi Mark, Thanks for the book which arrived yesterday - quick delivery. I'm impressed by the workarounds so I don't need to buy any BMW special tools to service the bike."

“I received the manual today and spent a happy hour or so browsing through it. Well I have to say what a professional job, well written and clear, you must be a technical author to turn out this kind of work. The sample looked good, but the whole thing is the same high standard. Couldn't even find a typo, and that's unusual. I would recommend it thoroughly, certainly better than Haynes efforts of late. “

“My manual arrived yesterday,  just in time to install all the accessories I ordered.  I flipped through it and read the sections about removing the plastics and tank as that's what I need to do. I will say it's well written,  clear, concise and plenty of photos.  Well worth the investment.  If you want a shop manual this is the one you need.”

“I bought a copy of your Tiger Explorer manual a few weeks ago, and I'm very impressed with it. You are clearly something of a technical and literary wizard.”

“I just want to give Mark's repair manual a thumbs up    as I really think that all owners should buy it. It's well written and describes how to do most all of what you need to know to keep your bike properly serviced. Just doing your own brake pad replacement and fluid change will more than cover the cost”

“Hi Mark, I received my manual today in perfect condition. Thank you for the professional job. Now I have to look for those old spanners ....”

“Hi Mark, I have used my manual for changing the spark plugs and the air filter so far. Great manual thanks. I think I would have damaged the side panels trying to get them off without realising they slide back, so thanks for the detailed instructions.. Recommended.”

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