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This is a direct replacement for the BMW oe part 11718520274. This part is mounted across the top of the cylinder head cover, and needs removing before the cover can be taken off to check the valve clearances. The BMW oe part is brittle plastic and almost impossible to remove without breaking; this part includes a flexible silicon rubber hose so it can be removed time and time again without damage. As an added bonus it is cheaper than the oe part.

Uses the rubber grommets from the BMW oe part to seal to the cylinder head.

The photo shows the part made by MarksMotorcycleParts in the lower left, and for comparison, the BMW oe part in the upper right.

Made by MarksMotorcycleParts. Tested for over 18000 miles on my own bike.

Fits all BMW K1600 models from 2010 up to and including the current bikes and the new Bagger.

Distributor rail for secondary air system BMW K1600GT K1600GTL K1600B

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