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5 Way fused power block complete with self healing fuses.

If you connect accessories direct to your battery, one day you'll forget to turn the device off and come back to a drained battery. This clever little box contains a relay that takes a signal from a switched live (a wire that is live only when the key is turned to the on position eg your tail-light wire), and supplies power to the 5 outputs only when the key is turned to the on position. The FuseBox has 5 outputs, rated at 5A, 5A, 5A, 5A, 1A.
But the really clever part is that each individual output is protected by an auto-resetting fuse.
The fuses used are ‘self healing’. In the event of an electrical short-circuit in your accessory circuit, the individual output with the short-circuit will shut itself down. Instead of you needing to replace a fuse, simply fix the short-circuit, turn the key off, and on again and the fuse will have automatically repaired itself and all outlets will be powered up. If the short is still present, the circuit will simply shut down again.

To install it on your bike, remove the lid, connect the battery, your switched wire, and your accessories to the connectors, replace the lid and test that everything is ok. 

5 Way Switched Fused Power Outlet

  • The FuseBox is 60mm x 55mm x 35mm.

    • Easy to install
    • Built in relay
    • Automatically self-healing fuses
    • Compact (60mm x 55mm x 35mm)
    • No crimping or soldering required
    • 5 fused circuits 5A, 5A, 5A, 5A, 1A
    • Protects your bike wiring loom and battery from short circuits

    The 3 way connector should be wired as follows:
    12V : connect directly to battery “+” Terminal
    Switched : connect to an output that is live when the ignition is on (the tail light is a good example of this on bikes where the lights are always on)
    0V : connect directly to battery “–” Terminal

    Note: Connecting 12V & 0V the wrong way round will cause permanent damage.

    The 6 way connector is wired as follows:
    5A : 12V switched outlet for your accessory - can provide up to 5A continuously (There are 4 x 5A Outputs)
    1A : 12V switched outlet for your accessory - can provide up to 1A continuously (There is 1 x 1A Outputs)
    0V : Ground connection for accessories.

    Connect the positive lead on your accessories to a spare outlet terminal.
    Connect the negative lead on your accessories to either the 0V connection on the 6 way connector, or else directly to the battery “–” Terminal


    The 5A outlets are suitable for a heated jacket or a pair of led spot or fog lamps
    The 1A outlet is suitable for a sat nav, or a USB charging outlet


    By connecting your accessories through the 5 way fused relay output, it is impossible for any of them to draw current from the battery when the bike ignition is switched off.

    The unit is designed to protect against an electrical short circuit in your wiring, or in your accessory product. If left unchecked a short circuit will cause damage to your bike’s wiring loom and could in extreme cases cause an fire. This unit will protect the bikes battery and wiring from the very high current caused by a short circuit. The system is designed so that if a higher than normal current short circuit flows then the cut off time is reduced, further enhancing your bikes protection when a short circuit occurs.

    Do not common the outputs up to drive a high current load - eg a pair of filament lamps, use one output direct to each lamp. The semiconductor devices that provide the circuit protection will not work correctly if connected in parallel.

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