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Service manual for the Triumph Tiger Explorer including XC, 2012 to current


The book was written around the first generation Explorers. The changes since then that are not covered in the book are an oil change on the electronically damped forks, and the fact that the bodywork either side of the radiator is very slightly different, but it attaches to the bike in much the same way as before - if you hold the book up against your bike it will be quite clear. All of the major parts are identical across all generations of Explorer and the service work on all from 2012 to the current bikes is unchanged.


Triumph Tiger Explorer Service Manual

  • This manual covers the Triumph Tiger Explorer and Explorer Tiger XC. It is written around the Triumph service schedule and includes and full description of the 10000, 20000, 40000 and annual services.

    120 Pages & 104 B&W photographs.

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