Tie Down strap

Pulls the bike down using the rear tyre, therefore maintains tension on a trailer when the bike's suspension compresses over a bump in the road.

Highly portable as these are made from 40mm webbing unlike the metal versions that have been around for a few years. Because they can be folded down very small, they are idea for carrying in a pannier for use when the bike is on a ferry during a long tour. Also ideal for carrying with you in case you ever need to take the bike home on a transporter.

Complete with carrying bag which is big enough to also hold a couple ratchet straps.

Manufactured to the same standard as fall arrest harnesses by a company with 30 years experience making industrial harnesses. Top quality webbing will not abrade through, stainless steel welded rings, sewn with contrasting colour thread so that any damage to stitching is immediately obvious.

Motorcycle Tie Down Strap

  • It is recommended to use enough straps so that in the event of any one strap becoming loose the bike is still held securely by others.

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